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Design Checklists

For optimal response to your inquiry National Environmental Systems asks our clients to consider the following:

Available Site Power:   Voltage____, Phase____, Amperage____ 
Required Classification:   Class 1, Division 1 ? XP Motors Class 1, Division 2 ? XP or TEFC Motors Unclassified ? TEFC Motors  
System Controls / Power Distribution  Site Size and/or Zoning Restrictions Safety - Emergency Stops, IS Barriers, Overloads Automation, Telemetry, Datalogging Sensors, Instrumentation, Alarm Requirements  
System Enclosure / Integration:  Site Size and/or Zoning Restrictions Equipment Protection ? Climate Considerations Sound Attenuation Equipment Service Requirements  
Chemical Data:   Groundwater Influent Constituents and Concentrations SVE Influent Constituents and Concentrations Iron and Calcium Data  
Pilot Study Results: Required Vacuum and Air Flow   Required Vacuum and Air Flow Air Sparge to SVE ratio Groundwater Flow-rate for desired capture zone 
Manifold Requirements:  Number of SVE wells, Air Sparge Points, or GW recovery wells needed to optimize capture zone 



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System Performance
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