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The vapor removed from contaminated soil using the Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) technique must be treated to remove the hazardous components. Two methods are generally available treatment using activated carbon or combustion treatment. Selecting either option is dependent on various factors:

VGAC Vapor Phase Granular Activated Carbon The contaminated vapor is passed through a series of carbon beds sized for flow rates and expected contaminant loading. VGAC advantages / disadvantages include:

  • Time-tested and readily available
  • Suited for non-heavily contaminated streams
  • Low operating expense
  • Waste Disposal Costs accrue
  • Requires frequent On-Site effluent concentration measurements

Combustion Treatment / Cat-Ox Treating the vapor stream using combustion / oxidation is available two ways:

Thermal Oxidation which is run at temperatures ranging from 1350F to 1500F (730C-815C).

  • Catalytic Oxidation which uses a catalyst to facilitate a lower operating temperature ranging from 600F to 800F (315C-430C).
  • At NES we have integrated various Cat-Ox systems with our SVE systems. Advantages / Disadvantages include:
  • Treats elevated concentration levels
  • Eliminates hazardous waste removal activities
  • Rental options are widely available for use with newly installed systems generating elevated contaminant levels
  • High fuel & utility costs can be expected
  • Electrical Controls & Power distribution costs increase  

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Catalytic Oxidizers for SVE
Falco 300 Catalytic Oxidizers for SVE
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Falco 100 Catalytic Oxidizer
Vapor Phase Carbon Vessel
Vapor Phase Carbon Vessel
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