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Groundwater Treatment

Groundwater Treatment is the process by which contamination is removed from groundwater.  Many proven and experimental processes can be included in this remedial category.  At NES we have two decades worth of experience in groundwater remediation and have watched strategies improve, stay the same and fade away.  We have designed and built hundreds of systems using the following treatment approaches:

  • Low-Profile Air Strippers designed to remove volatile organics from water. 
  • Air Stripper Towers still used for select remedial designs.
  • Bag filter apparatus available with automatic switchover.
  • Oil Water Separators to separate free phase petroleum from water.
  • Equalization Tanks for process enhancement
  • Iron Removal treatment techniques – mechanical and chemical
  • Chemical Oxidation delivery systems
  • Liquid Phase Carbon Treatment alone or in conjunction with specialty media such as zeolite.

At National Environmental Systems we use the most current equipment in our systems.  Our design engineers have specified pumps, tanks, piping and valves for flow rates ranging from 1 gpm to 2000gpm with contaminant streams containing organics, inorganics, solids, DNAPL, and LNAPL.  NES’s pump expertise and customer service is one of our proudest achievements.


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Low Profile Air Stripper with Bag Filters Inside Cargo Container.
200gpm Air Stripper with XP accessories.
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