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Electric & Pneumatic Well Pumps

The selection of the proper pump for groundwater recovery depends on a variety of factors.  The primary requirement for site remediation is to produce enough flow to achieve site clean-up.  Other factors that must be considered are the contaminants present as well as required maintenance.  Groundwater Recovery Pumps can be powered by compressed air (pneumatic) or electricity.

Pneumatic pumps were designed specifically to handle hazardous/flammable materials such as hydrocarbons.  Features of these pumps include:

  • Handles hazardous material & complicated matrices containing solids
  • Construction Material compatible with site contaminants
  • Designed to handle frequent start/stops
  • Minimal sample agitating facilitates phase separation
  • Maximum flow rates approximately ten gallons per minute

Electric pumps are designed to recover a maximum volume of groundwater.  Features of these pumps include:

  • Maximum flow rates up to 50 gallons per minute
  • Optional control systems for frequent start/stop
  • Stainless Steel and Teflon construction

NES has integrated QED Autopumps and Product Recovery Pumps with multiple treatment processes. Air compressor sizing, NEC classification, Air Supply, and Liquid / Product Recovery Manifolds are routinely designed, built and controlled as part of our Integrated System Packaging..



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