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Washwater Recovery

Collecting and treating wash-water is a major non-point source control effort that is being enforced by regulatory agencies. At National Environmental Systems we can provide mobile and fixed point systems to meet client needs. Systems can be designed for many applications including:

  • Marina Boat Washing ? to capture toxic petroleum & paint constituents.
  • Utility Vehicle / Golf Carts ? to capture fertilizers & pesticides.
  • Construction Vehicles ? to capture contaminated soil media.

Capturing and consolidating these wastes can be accomplished using various technologies. The resulting water can generally discharged after a permit is secured and the contaminated waste can be removed by a licensed contractor.

Contact our engineering department for guidance on pump selection and treatment techniques. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each pump type is the key to building an optimal washwater treatment process.  


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Wash Water Recovery System
Washwater contaminated golf cart.
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