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Soil Vapor Extraction

Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) is an in situ process for soil remediation where contamination is extracted from the ground using an applied vacuum.  The vacuum is applied to the soil matrix using various vapor removal technologies.  Common blowers and their application include:

  • Rotary Lobe Blowers – used for low to medium vacuum at higher flow rates.
  • Rotary Claw Blowers – used for low to high vacuum at lower flow rates.
  • Regenerative Blowers – used for low vacuum at lower flow rates
  • Liquid Ring Pumps – used for high vacuum.

The extracted material is separated into separate liquid and vapor streams using a moisture separator.  The resulting vapor stream can be treated using:

  • Vapor Phase Carbon commonly referred to as VGAC
  • Thermal Oxidation which is run at temperatures ranging from 1350°F to 1500°F (730°C-815°C).
  • Catalytic Oxidation which uses a catalyst to facilitate a lower operating temperature ranging from 600°F to 800°F (315°C-430°C). 

The resulting liquid stream can be treated using:

  • A Moisture Separator Transfer Pump / Liquid Phase Carbon system


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